Deprecated - please use the JSON API instead.


Allows you to transfer credits from your account to another account on the same site.





Note: Transferring of credits may need to be enabled for your account, before you can use this feature. Please contact Support to request this, if needed.

Request parameters

(Parameter values should be encoded in ISO-8859-1)

parameter required description
to_username the username of the recipient account you want to transfer credits to.
to_userid the numeric userid of the recipient account. We require both the username and userid to avoid mistakes.
credits the positive integer number of credits to transfer to the recipient account.
from_comment   will appear in the transferring account’s credit history. You might use this to record you own internal tracking reference, for example.
to_comment   will appear in the recipient account’s credit history.



Possible values for status_code are:

status_code description
0 success (credits were transferred).
22 An internal error occured. Please contact Support.
25 You do not have sufficient credits.
41 Your account is not enabled for credit transfers. Please contact Support.
42 The specified recipient account does not exist: either the to_username or to_userid is incorrect.
43 One of the parameters was invalid, e.g. a negative or zero credit amount.

You should never depend on the value of the status_description - only depend on the status_code, which is a constant. However, status_description can contain useful information about the nature of the failures when you are developing your initial application.

Any HTTP status code other than 200 should be considered transient, i.e. you should try again after some interval.