Deprecated - please use the JSON API instead.



«EAPI URL»/1.0/phonebook/public_remove_member


«EAPI URL»/1.0/phonebook/public_remove_member?group_id=123456&msisdn=441234123456

Request parameters

parameter required description
group_id check under Phonebook Groups for this integer id. It is shown when you click on the group name.


a descriptive text message to the user, or redirects to a URL of your choice as described below.

This call allows you to make a group in your user phonebook available to the public. The call is only available if your phonebook has the option Members can remove themselves set.

You would typically make the URL specified above available as part of an HTML form, with the other parameters submitted as form parameters.

Note that if you want to use a success_url or fail_url, you have to specify both. By setting these to pages on your own site, you can provide a more attractive result to the user.