SMS Shortcodes and Incoming Long Numbers available in the USA

When it comes to quick delivery for activation, authentication or transactional SMS messages, we recommend sending your SMS messages via a shared shortcode.

For messages that need a reply, we recommend a dedicated long number. When you send your SMS messages using a dedicated long number, this automatically becomes your Sender ID.

Look at the table below for use-cases and costs involved for each number:



Dedicated Normal
Long Number

Dedicated Toll Free
long Number (TFN)

Daily maximum volume No limit 500 messages per number per day No limit
Recommended max rate 25 per second 1 per number per second 25 per second
Replies possible No Yes Yes
Usage OTPs, 2 Factor Auth, alerts, coupons, offers. Marketing recipients must be opt-in and must have provided explicit consent Person to Person (P2P), non-marketing customer service. Non-marketing, customer service, alerts.
Costs to receive replies Standard costs for sender of reply. Standard costs for sender of reply. 1 SMS credit per message. Reply sender pays nothing.
Status reports Yes No On most carriers.
Unicode support Yes Yes Yes
Delivery to Canada No Yes Yes
Regulatory notes CTIA and TCPA guidelines. No marketing messages. No marketing messages. CTIA and TCPA guidelines.
Cost Free of charge. $2.50 to $3.00 per month (first month free). $3.50 to $4.00 per month (first month free).

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