BulkSMS helps drive customer service excellence for Dash2do

In pursuit of this strategy the company looked to BulkSMS.com’s text messaging solution which is now integral to the business on all levels from accepting bookings to assigning people to staff bookings, and finally billing the client for the work done. Bulk SMS is helping build trust in its brand as the ‘concierge service of choice’.

Reassurance builds confidence and loyalty

SMS communication is now the principle means by which Dash2do is consolidating relationships with its customer base. Dash2do offers a suite of innovative personal and business services; designed to take the hassle out of daily life for those to whom convenience delivers more time to spend on the quality aspects of their lives, and core activities of their businesses.

As a medium for sending concise notifications to customers, SMS text messages are simple and easily understood. The immediate provision of information is important for businesses; enabling them to differentiate their services through added value. It reassures customers at every step of the way that the services are being delivered within the promised timeframe; and according to the agreed parameters of the task.

In an age of increasing mobility time is a valuable commodity. A text message platform cost-effectively complements human interaction by providing timely, non-intrusive information updates on the progress of fulfilling customer requests.

“Dash2do’s services rely on trust to build brand loyalty. The deployment of the BulkSMS messaging platform has offered a mobile technology that demonstrates the company’s dedication to customer-centricity through frequent and relevant customer updates,” Christine Nyaga, Operations Executive of Dash2do.

Versatile customer service platform

Dash2do’s portfolio includes simple tasks, virtual tasks, trusted drivers, and a mobile phone tracking service. The Simple Task service includes day-to-day tasks such as carrying out shopping, picking up their dry cleaning and other everyday jobs. Trusted Driver’ is a chauffeur service where name of the driver, pick-up times and costs, are all communicated via SMS. ‘Mobile Tracker’ is a business tool integrated with Google Maps. It offers businesses a complete overview of their employees’ locations by the GPS signal on their phones, enhancing productivity for mobile workforces. Maintenance company despatchers using the service can instantly locate the closest employee to a job and sales managers can see the closest sales person to a customer inquiry.

To align the capabilities of the text messaging platform to the different characteristics of each service, Dash2do used BulkSMS’s mobile messaging infrastructure to develop a communications flow connecting customers with on-going progress updates. The process minimises customer complaints by taking even more concerns off the customers’ shoulders. The Dash2do service itself offers the convenience of reliable business communications by which customer service excellence is proactively reinforced - keeping customers in the picture with SMS updates sent to their mobile phones.

Dash2do has also integrated the BulkSMS capability (using an SMS API) to its back-end systems to make the tracking of all bookings easier and increase the efficiency of its call centre operations.

“Our services are premium in nature, with a sophisticated audience that demands excellence,” explains Nyaga. ”The BulkSMS platform enables us to deliver that. BulkSMS helped shape the platform to our business needs and offer dedicated technical support we know we can always call on if needed. It is reliable and offers reach, versatility and support for our innovative customer service model.”