For the highest reliability of delivery to the USA, it is best to use messaging via shortcode routes.

Activation, authentication, and transaction codes require high reliability and BulkSMS provides such routes for the sending of these codes. In order to use such routes, there is an obligation from the networks to display the following information to a requester of an activation or authentication code:

Description: Activation Codes
An activation code will be sent to your cellphone.
Message and data rates may apply.
1 message per request.
Text HELP to 67082 for further information and help.
Text STOP to 67082 to cancel.
Customer Care (US) 0877 260 3952
See section 5.7. of our terms and conditions here.

If a client wishes to use the shortcode routes for delivery of the above mentioned codes, it needs to be demonstrated that the person requesting the code has seen the above information.

Once this has been demonstrated, the user can be set to use the shortcode routes to the USA.

There are currently no extra costs for making use of this service.

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