How to send bulk text messages from an iPad

Do you need to send SMS messages to large groups straight from your iPad without having to individually select each contact? The BulkSMS app is available for download from iStore and allows for the easy sending of group SMS messaging. This app is free to download and users can create contact groups, link to external contacts and send group SMS messages to up to 20,000 recipients at a time.

The BulkSMS app also gives you the option to create and edit easy to use SMS templates; schedule SMS messages for later delivery; customise your Sender ID and maintain two-way communication.

Other features include:

  • Integrates to iPhone contacts
  • Integrates to your online BulkSMS account contacts
  • Detailed reporting of all sent messages
  • Quick and mass texting to small and large groups for both personal and business use. (link to SafeCity once that is complete)

Click here to download the BulkSMS App today. Please note that you will need a account and an iTunes account in order to use the BulkSMS app.