These updates were made on 13 March 2023 and include clarification and amendments of the BulkSMS Terms and Conditions. Inclusions and exclusions on new paragraphs resulted in the re-numbering of some paragraphs within sections.

The following paragraphs were amended or added to the BulkSMS Terms and Conditions as published on 13 March 2023.

# Paragraph Summary of update or addition
1 1 Incorporation of the BulkSMS Data Processing Addendum into the Terms and Conditions.
2 4.3 Addition of clause 4.3 to specify that any updates to the Changes and Amendments, included linked documents in the Terms and Conditions, are binding to BulkSMS users.
3 6.2 Amendment to clause to include a reference to the Data Processing Addendum.
4 6.2.1 Amendment of clause to remove repetitive information that is now covered by 6.2.