What is RCS?

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is the next evolution of messaging technology. It goes beyond traditional plain-text SMS and brings a wide array of features to your messaging experience. RCS offers a rich and interactive experience and supports the sharing of rich data, for example, high-resolution images, audio files, videos, GIFs and more. Want to send yourself a test RCS message? Click here.

RCS Business Messaging

Why choose RCS?

RCS allows for the sending of branded messages directly to the traditional SMS inbox on your customers’ mobile device. These messages come from verified brands and offer rich cards, carousels action buttons and suggested replies that all enhance the communication preferences of each contact.

  • RCS is a secure communications channel.
  • All brands sending RCS messages go through a verification process (i.e. the brand is a relevant brand that exists as a business and is not a random sender).
  • Consumers can quickly and easily identify the sender as the brand is included in the message.
  • Improved reporting showcasing delivery rate, read receipts and engagement tracking.
  • Customers have a single thread in their SMS inbox from your brand.
  • It is quick and easy for customers to opt-in or out of receiving messages from your brand.

Want to send yourself a test RCS message? Click here.


We’re looking for early adopters who are keen to test the uptake of RCS messages with their customer base. If this is you, or more accurately, your brand, email us now or schedule some time with one of our RCS experts.

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