An Incoming Long Number, or virtual number, is typically an 11 digit number that behaves exactly like a normal mobile number, but instead of the number being attached to a mobile phone, it is attached to your BulkSMS account.

This means that your customers can send an SMS directly to your BulkSMS account without you having to contact them first. This is the ideal solution if you’d like your customers to be able to contact you directly, or if you’d like to run a “text-in” marketing campaign.

Incoming long numbers are available in:

Country List Set up fee Monthly Fee
(6 Months)
Monthly Fee
(12 Months)
Australia €0 €35 €30
Belgium €150 €40 €35
Egypt €150 €40 €35
Finland €0 €35 €30
France €0 €5 €4
Germany €0 €35 €30
Hong Kong €150 €40 €35
India €150 €40 €35
Ireland €150 €40 €35
Italy €150 €180 €180
Norway €0 €35 €30
Singapore €70 €65 €60
Spain €0 €12 €9
Sweden €0 €35 €30
Thailand €150 €40 €35
UK (ex VAT) £15 £7.50 £6

Please note that the full amount for the period is payable upfront.

Applying for your Incoming Long Number

To apply for your standard rated dedicated incoming long number, You will first need to create a BulkSMS account, and fill in and submit your Online Application Form.

Depending on the networks, the activation of the incoming long number may take up to two weeks. Once activated we will assign the incoming number to your BulkSMS account and all incoming messages to that long number will be directed to your BulkSMS inbox.

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