BulkSMS Email to SMS

Our Email to SMS feature enables you to use your current email client (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc) to send and receive SMS messages.

email to sms

Emails sent to, for example, 4477xxxxxxxx@bulksms.net are forwarded via the BulkSMS system as an SMS text message to the mobile number 4477xxxxxxxx. The first 160 characters of the body of the email will be sent as the SMS.

For more information on which email address to use when sending SMS messages via the BulkSMS platform, visit our Email to SMS help page.

Key Features

  • Use your current email client to send individual or group SMS text messages
  • Send SMS’s from several email addresses using only one BulkSMS account
  • Receive responses to SMSs in your email Inbox

Open your BulkSMS account today and start sending SMS messages from your Email now.