Mobile to Group

The Mobile to Group feature allows you to enjoy out of office mobility giving you the convenience of sending SMS text messages to your online phonebook groups from your mobile phone.

Sender ID

Mobile to Group gives you the ability to send an SMS message from your mobile phone to a group of previously uploaded contacts when you are away from your computer.

You simply send an SMS message which will include the BulkSMS group ID to a relevant long number. Our SMS system will then redirect your message to your predetermined contact group.

Sending an SMS text message from your mobile phone to a group will have two separate costs. The first cost is that of the SMS text message sent from your mobile phone (to the applicable network) and the second cost is for the SMS messages being sent out using the BulkSMS platform to the relevant contact group. See our SMS pricing details for more information.

Key Features

  • Stay in touch with your work team when travelling
  • Update colleagues on various items when you do not have access to internet or email
  • Get a message out urgently when you don’t have time to access your computer

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You can also send SMS messages from your mobile using the BulkSMS App.