What is a mobile landing page?

A mobile landing page is web page that you create from within our our Web App – which your customers can view by simply clicking on the link in a text message.

With mobile landing pages, you can:

  • Turn a regular message into a visual experience. Send branded content straight into the hands of your customers.
  • Include more detail in your SMSes without having to send long messages and at no extra cost.
  • Easily create engaging web pages without needing a web developer.

How does it work?

Log in to your BulkSMS account, and go to “Landing Pages” and then click “Create Page”.

Here’s where you get creative. You can choose your default settings, like font and colour, and add elements like text, imagery and call-to-action buttons - all without any coding!

Once you’re happy, exit the editor. Your landing page will be saved for further editing or to attach to your SMS messages. Once you’re ready to send your landing page, simply create a “New Message”, choose “Add Attachment” and under “Landing Page” you can select the page you’d like attached to your SMS. A URL will be added to the end of your message that can be clicked on and viewed as a normal web page by the person receiving your message.

Ready to give it a go and start engaging with your customers using a mobile landing page? Sign up to BulkSMS here and start sending today!

Ready to give it a go and start engaging with your customers using SMS landing pages? Sign up for a BulkSMS account here and start sending today

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