BulkSMS has designed the Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes.

The reseller buys SMS credits from BulkSMS. For example, 100,000 credits cost 2.84 Euro cents each. The reseller then sells the SMS credits in batches of 200 credits at a cost of 3.6 Euro cents each. The profit therefore is: 3.6c - 2.84c = 0.76 Euro cents per SMS credit. BulkSMS cannot match this price as 200 credits bought through BulkSMS will be sold at 3.75 Euro cents per credit. If the reseller is doing this on a monthly basis, their income is €760.

The reseller will ideally have many smaller clients rather than a few large clients, and the financial incentive is structured to this end.

The resellers risk is that credits need to be bought upfront from BulkSMS, and the reseller needs to collect payment from his/her clients. Note that the SMS credits do not expire.

The Reseller Advantage

  • The reseller can extend their existing commercial relationships with clients to include the ability to send out bulk messages.
  • BulkSMS is not able to bill on a monthly basis. The reseller may already be billing the customer on a monthly basis. Therefore, requests to load credits to a customer’s account can be charged easily by the reseller to the customer’s monthly account.
  • BulkSMS does not have travelling sales people or training staff. Many resellers may already visit their customers and be in a position to help the customer register and/or download software and/or provide basic training on using BulkSMS products at the customer’s premises.
  • The reseller could undercut BulkSMS’s prices. As in the example noted in section above, the reseller could sell a batch of 200 credits for €0.036 each rather than at BulkSMS's €0.0375 each.

Open your BulkSMS account and start using the Reseller Solution now.

There are no set-up or monthly costs incurred when becoming a reseller. The cost to the reseller for purchasing credits from BulkSMS is as per the normal batch rates shown on our pricing table. The cost to the customer of the reseller is up to the reseller and will depend on the customer's perception of the value added by the reseller.

Note: The reseller can use the BulkSMS pricing table as a guideline, but there is no obligation to follow these costings. The Reseller may choose to on sell the credits at a lower, or higher rate.

BulkSMS also enables the reseller to sponsor credits to other BulkSMS accounts, be they team members or clients. This would be on an ongoing basis, as opposed to adhoc as above.

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