Why BulkSMS?

Batch Sends – Link any HubSpot account via the powerful BulkSMS Integration Gateway to send batch messages to entire contact lists within minutes.

Global Coverage – Get access to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries, making sure your customers’ messages get delivered.

No Subscription or Fees – There are no subscription or monthly fees. Your customers’ will only pay for the messages they send.

Cloud-based App – Send messages anytime and from any internet-enabled device, no matter where you are.

Quick and Easy set up – Our Integration Gateway is built to quickly and easily link to your customers’ HubSpot account without needing a developer.

Salesforce SMS Integration

Standard Features

Like with any other SMS integration you have access to standard features like:

SMS-enable contact, lead, and case-based workflows

Send individual SMS text messages directly from the contact screen

2-way messaging capability

Send bulk messages to custom lists for contacts

Send bulk messages to contact list views

Contact history and activity is updated when messages are sent and received

Receive and view delivery reports

Salesforce SMS Integration

Additional Features

We’d added a few extra features that are unique to the BulkSMS App for Salesforce:

Get access to our powerful Integration Gateway for large volume sends

View and purchase BulkSMS credits from within Salesforce

Preview your messages before you hit send

Create as many message templates as you need

Send long messages and Unicode messages

Personalise your messages with tokens

Use smart tokens to fix your message content

Reach all contacts within minutes using our powerful Integration Gateway

Link to all your Salesforce lists and contacts from within our ready-built Integration Gateway.

Once set up, you can easily:

Send a single, batch messages to entire lists

Create templates with the Gateway

Personalise batch sends using tokens

All message status’ and history are pushed back into Salesforce

Salesforce Integration for Agencies

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