What does Zoho do?

Zoho Office Suite is a web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management, project management, invoicing and other applications.

The BulkSMS Integration for Zoho

The BulkSMS Integration Gateway for Zoho offers advanced SMS capabilities such as two-way and personalised messaging for Zoho customers.

Head on over to the BulkSMS.com Integration Gateway to start sending today.

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Send SMSes Directly from Zoho

The Zoho MarketingHub easily integrates with your BulkSMS account. Just login to your Zoho account and .

• From the Navigation toolbar of Zoho MarketingHub.
• Select Settings and choose App’s under Integrations. 
• Mouse over BulkSMS and click Connect. 
• In the popup that follows, click Continue. 
• Fill in your BulkSMS username and password 
Click Save!

Learn how to send your SMS messages and analyse your reports in Zoho MarketingHub here.

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Why connect Zoho and BulkSMS?

With the integration in place, you’ll be able to:

Set up two-way messaging with your contacts

Access submission and delivery reports

Preview your messages before you hit send

Create as many message templates as you need

Send long messages and Unicode messages

Personalise your messages using tokens

Use smart tokens to manage your message content

Auto format and clean badly formatted numbers

Getting Started

If you’re already a BulkSMS customer, you can log in to the Integration Gateway using your BulkSMS.com login details.

If you’re new around here, sign up to BulkSMS and then head on over to the Integration Gateway to get started.


If you’d like to get started, register for a BulkSMS account or contact us for more information.

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