BulkSMS Policy on Competitions using Shortcodes:

  1. All BulkSMS clients running promotional competitions may not exceed the R1.50 price-band.
  2. All our clients must comply to the WASPA code of conduct regarding competitions.
  3. The ordinary price of your goods or services must not be increased as a result of a consumer participating in a promotional SMS competition.

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Dedicated Shortcode
Shared Shortcode Using Keywords


Dedicated shortcode setup fee of R2,300 (inc VAT). Monthly cost of R862.50 (inc VAT).

Note that Vodacom requires a minimum monthly volume of 2000 messages per month on a shortcode. You will therefore need to ensure that receive around 3000 messages in total to avoid having your shortcode closed down by Vodacom.


Shared shortcodes at R862.50 per annum (inc VAT) per keyword. Note that there are no minimum monthly volume requirements on a shared shortcode.
If you require more than 5 keywords per cost band you will need to fill in a second application form and a discounted rate will apply.

Terms and Conditions

The Client acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions by ticking the 'accept terms and conditions' box below, and agrees that the service envisaged herein shall be bound by the BulkSMS Premium Rate Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

Unless specified otherwise, the billing procedure as indicated on the Claiming Payouts section as detailed on this page will apply. Any change with regards to the billing procedure will only be valid once BulkSMS has provided written confirmation of such procedures.

I have read, understood and accept the Premium Rate Terms and Conditions.

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