Communication Requirement:

The AAA School needed to communicate with their database of scholars (mostly matriculants) as cheaply and effectively as possible.


AAA School realised that the scholars they were targeting did not always have access to a computer or an email address but they did have a cellphone, and were happy to give out their cellphone number. This meant that AAA School could get hold of them via SMS.

AAA School had to think creatively about what they wanted to tell the scholar in each of the SMSs as they limited the length of their SMS messages to 160 characters each. They regularly send out a series of SMSs to create interest, with the last one purely detail driven – the date, time and venue of an open day for instance.

The BulkSMS Web to SMS platform enables AAA School to send out SMSs for recruitment purposes, workshops, notification of competition winners and more. They are also now in the process of introducing BulkSMS to other staff members who deal with part time and full time students – to update them of any interruptions to lectures and even to send them account balances.


“BulkSMS is a tool that has certainly made my life a lot easier. The fact that it is a two-way communication tool is also of great value. As we all know, scholars would much rather reply to an SMS than make a phone call,” says Dianri Malan, Marketing Executive at AAA.

Malan goes on to say “Since I have started using BulkSMS the process and experience has only improved. I will always be a fan!”.