SMS secures ECM solution

Just like the saying “with great power, comes great responsibility”, in business, with great growth, comes a great amount of paperwork. Managing complex internal processes while making sure that the right documents are in place for external contractors and suppliers, can be both time-consuming and an administrative nightmare. But not for the Barzani Group. They have turned to technology to give their clients, suppliers, and the group itself, a competitive edge by using innovative software that streamlines processes and delivers on time - and then they made it even better with SMS.

Who is the Barzani Group?

As active role players in the transformation of South Africa’s society and its economy, the Barzani Group has its heart set on making a meaningful impact in the lives of the communities that it supports. From humble beginnings in construction, the group has since expanded and diversified its operations into a leading Property and Infrastructure Development, Mining Asset Finance, and IT Solutions company.

Having to manage all these business units, and multiple portfolios, meant they needed a robust system that could handle and simplify admin-intensive workflows.

How did they do it?

“Better, faster, smarter, and stronger technology,” says De Wet van der Merwe, the group’s Head Software Engineer. They installed a sophisticated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool that can store all their content and documentation, as well as automate processes, to make the recording and management of workflows a breeze.

They then went a step further by integrating SMS with the ECM to add an additional layer of security to high-risk process flows. According to De Wet, “we use the BulkSMS API solution to send automated OTPs whenever a user needs to be verified. By using SMS, we can ensure that only the right person, with the right level of authority, can approve an action.”

Why SMS?

“Unlike email, it’s instant and reliable,” he says. “And because of this, we’ve chosen to use it to secure the capturing, management, storage, and delivery of all content and documents. SMS helps us secure our entire workflow and ensures that we remain compliant and avoid running into any issues like fraudulent activity and human error when handling sensitive data. SMS has benefitted us and our security protocols greatly.”

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