SMS Takes to the Seas

Anyone in the medical industry knows that missed appointments and keeping in touch with patients can be both time-consuming and costly. Which is why DC Medical, a medical tourism company in Slovakia, started sending automated SMS reminders and notifications to their patients, solving this problem once and for all.

With a few simple integrations, they are able to automate daily communications, saving time and resources whilst still making sure that their practice stays busy and their clients are kept up to date.

How do they do it?

DC Medical has two separate SMS integrations. The first integration is with their custom desktop application which allows staff to send SMSes to potential clients when there is an opening in the schedule. All the staff need to do is log in, input the necessary data and an SMS is automatically sent to these potential clients, offering them a chance at a last-minute booking. “Thanks to BulkSMS, we very rarely have empty appointment slots; somebody always responds to the SMS and snatches up the opening,” says their IT Manager, Peter Antal.

The second integration is directly with their server and sends automated SMSes to clients using predetermined triggers. For example, birthday messages, discount offers, appointment reminders, and post-operative well-wishes.

Why SMS?

“We decided to use SMS because it could easily be integrated with our platform; which is what we needed to help fill empty bookings and stay in touch with clients. BulkSMS provided the most cost-effective option for the solution we needed, and we haven’t looked back,” says Peter.

He carries on to say that, “When clients receive SMSes with discount offers or birthday wishes, they feel special. And when they get an SMS reminding them of an appointment, we look professional and no-shows are reduced. SMS keeps our clients happy and keeps us busy.”

To find out how to integrate our SMS API with your platform, view our documentation here. Or let us know what you need, and we’ll happily help you get set up.