Miha Benedik, an engineering graduate from Slovenia, developed an app that merges technology with the age old tradition of beekeeping. His innovation, E-bee, successfully allows beekeepers to monitor the happenings in their beehives remotely via a computer or mobile phone.

Beekeeping is a lucrative industry requiring full-time dedication, monitoring and commitment to make sure that the hives are healthy and productive. But the constant need for monitoring is time-consuming and costly. Enter E-bee.

How does E-bee work?

E-bee works by placing a device under a hive which measures and sends data to a web server. Through reports and graphs, it gives beekeepers an overview of things like weather changes, mapping (essential for colony preservation) and most importantly, weight monitoring.

Any fluctuation in the weight of a hive could mean that the bees are escaping or that there have been births in the hive. These changes could effect the efficiency of the hive which is why beekeepers need to be warned the moment they occur.

Why SMS?

Benedik decided to use SMS because it offers immediate delivery straight into the hands of his customers. When the system registers a fluctuation in the weight of a hive, an SMS message is automatically sent via the E-bee server to the beekeeper’s mobile phone, alerting them of the change. They can then quickly take care of the problem and prevent any long term damage to the hive.

“The use of the BulkSMS API has added a new functionality to my application which has been welcomed by my customers. They now get instant warnings whenever there is a problem in their hives which was not possible before,” says Benedik.

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