SMS Helps Create Award-Winning Customer Service

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Goch and Cooper Auto Services strive to be the best in the Motor Industry. From servicing and repairs to engineering services, Goch and Cooper have the facilities to accommodate any kind of vehicle. Along with their automotive services, the team strives to provide award-winning customer service, and to do this, they’ve used SMS for more than 13 years.

How do they do it?

Using the BulkSMS Web App, SMSes are sent to their customers on a daily basis. For example, when a client’s vehicle is scheduled in for a service, an SMS is sent out the day before reminding them of the booking. Then, when the client arrives at the service centre, a second SMS is sent to the client, welcoming them. Yearly service reminders are also sent via SMS, which ensures customers know exactly when to book their vehicle in for a service.

According to Karen, co-owner of Goch and Cooper, SMS is a central part of our communication strategy. She goes on to say, “We use SMS to send important reminders, updates about service progress, birthday messages, discount notifications, and so much more.”

SMS Helps Create Award-Winning Customer Service

Why SMS?

When asked why they use SMS, Karen said, “We’ve been using BulkSMS since 2007; it’s an extremely powerful tool that has put us way above our competitors. We love it! SMS also allows us to track all the history of our communications, which can’t be done when making phone calls. We will continue to use this platform, because it has assisted us in the growth of our business and helped us give exceptional service to our clients.”

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