South African school uses SMS as primary communication tool

Managing the communications in a school setting is no easy task. From sports day reminders and casual day updates, to payment notifications and vaccine requirements, there is always important information that needs to make it into the caregivers hands. Which is exactly why Newcastle Wonderland Pre-primary School and Daycare Centre has chosen SMS to get the job done.

How do they use SMS?

According to the manager, Mr. Jimmy Singh, they started using the BulkSMS Text Messenger during lockdown when it was necessary to communicate with parents via a reliable platform. “Now, even after the pandemic, we are still using SMS for almost every type of communication. This has also decreased our need for written correspondence with parents via the learners. We use SMS constantly”, says Singh.

Here are a few examples of the typical SMSes sent from the school to the parents or caregivers:

BulkSMS Example

Why SMS?

SMS is reliable and much more time-efficient than writing letters, says Mr. Singh. He goes on to explain that “some of the parents are migrant workers so the children live with their grandparents. Using SMS means that the parents receive the SMS and they then remind the grandparents on what action to take. SMS provides instant communication, and we’ll keep using it for as long as everyone has cellphones.”

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