SMS helps provincial department run smoothly

The vision of the North West Department of Provincial Treasury in South Africa is to be the ultimate management authority and adviser on financial matters to the North West Provincial and Local Administration. As a department, they are in the pursuit of transparency, good financial management and accountability, and to help them achieve this goal, they use SMS.

How do they do it?

According to Gogontle Donald Mohaule, Deputy Director of Information Technology Services, they use our Web App to send roughly 6 SMSes to hundreds of recipients per week. “We use SMS to communicate urgent and important messages with our internal officials. This happens at least three to four times a week depending on the activities that the Department needs to engage upon. The messages are for the officials within the Department and we send SMSes in both English and Setswana.” says Mohaule.

SMS helps provincial department run smoothly

He goes on to say that they use the schedule message feature in the App, especially when the reminders need to be sent out before a Monday morning meeting.

Why SMS?

When asked why SMS was chosen to be a part of the department’s internal communication strategy, Mohaule said that SMS offers a quick and reliable way to communicate with all 600 officials in one go. “Emails are often missed, but SMSes are read, it’s the perfect tool to send out important, time-critical reminders to all officials.”

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