SMS proves vital for virtual receptionist

Thetha Connect’s focus is to provide a niche virtual receptionist service to small businesses and medical professionals. They provide detailed and accurate lead capturing, reporting, message taking, and appointment bookings, while using SMS to quickly and efficiently get this important info to the businesses that rely on them.

How do they use SMS?

By integrating the BulkSMS API with their customised system, their agents create and send SMSes to the relevant business owner or medical professional whenever an appointment is made, or an important message needs to be relayed. For example, a patient will call the medical practice to book an appointment, a Thetha Connect agent will answer the call, make an appointment and create a new calendar entry via their customised platform. An SMS with all the necessary information is then automatically sent to the medical professional, informing them of the new appointment.

BulkSMS Example

SMS reminders are also sent to the patients before their appointment to prevent no-shows.

In other cases, where a Thetha Connect agent is answering calls for a business owner, the agent will send SMSes when needed. For example, if a customer needs to be called back or if they have an account query.

BulkSMS Example

Why SMS?

According to the technical director, “we chose to use BulkSMS because the API is well documented and it integrated easily into Thetha Connect’s customised system. is stable, and we like the function that allows recipients to reply to an SMS, which we then receive as an email.”

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