SMS API improves online booking system for Swedish Vocal Coach

Based in Umea, Sweden, Vibe Vocals offers singing and vocal workshops, training courses and individual lessons. When asked to explain why Vibe Vocals was first started, Malin Karlsson, the founder of the company, said that she felt an urge to spread the knowledge she had found in the Danish singing technique called Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). She had been searching for a way to develop her singing and when she found CVT she got more than she was looking for. According to Karlsson, “I want to prove that voice development doesn’t have to be mysterious, it is concrete and it is for everybody.”

As Vibe Vocals grew and expanded to include training workshops and courses, Karlsson needed an easy way for clients to book and confirm their appointments or course dates. With this in mind, she automated her online booking system using the SMS API solution. This means that when her customers book their lessons or courses online, an SMS reminder will automatically be sent 24 hours before their appointment.

“The SMS API integration into my online booking system has proved to be extremely helpful. It saves me time and it has reduced the number of no-shows to zero. The SMS reminders proved to be most helpful recently when I moved offices and all I did was change the outgoing message to my clients detailing my new location and all of my clients came to the right place without any complications. SMS messages are also a great way for me to make personal contact with my clients because they often reply with questions or comments about their upcoming lesson” says Karlsson.

When questioned why SMS was chosen over an email reminder or phone call, Karlsson stated, “I didn’t want to use email as a form of communication because people get so many emails nowadays and it would just get lost in their inboxes. People check their phones often and SMS is always read.”

“Vibe Vocals use of our platform is a great example of a simple yet effective way to use our SMS API in a small business. This case study illustrates one of the many benefits of using SMS; not only is it saving time and money but it has also improved the customer service interaction and the efficiency of the automated booking system as a whole,” says Dr Pieter Streicher, managing director of