How to SMS enable Power Automate

For example, send automated appointment reminders to your customers, or send automated alerts to your sales team when something changes in the sales funnel.

It’s easy to configure and use. Just follow these simple steps:

Import the BulkSMS Custom Connector:

  1. Download this file to your Desktop or another convenient location. You will be needing this in step 5 below.
  2. Sign in to Power Automate.
  3. From the left navigation pane, click Data / Custom Connectors,
  4. From the custom connector screen, click ‘+’ to add a ‘New custom connector’
  5. Select the “Import an Open API file” option
  6. Give the connector a meaningful but simple name, e.g., “BulkSMS Connector”, and browse to point to the file
  7. From the connector import screen, click the “Create connector” button. Click Close when done.
  8. You may need to Refresh your browser screen to see your connector. Click the ‘+’ button to create a Connection from the Connector.

You’re now ready to start creating Power Automate automations. Click “My Flows” to start building new automated flows.

If you have any questions, please contact us.