Improve your airline’s customer service with SMS

At its core, customer service comes down to keeping customers informed. Yes, a delayed flight is frustrating, but if you’re informed of the delay and your expectations are managed, it becomes slightly more bearable. This is exactly why so many airlines are using technology, including SMS, to keep their customers in the loop from the start of their journey through to the end.

Here’s how:

1. Booking confirmation

They send an automated SMS as soon as a customer completes their booking, detailing flight times and dates.

2. Check-in reminders

Scheduled SMSes are sent 24 hours prior to departure reminding them of their check-in times and estimated travel time.

Improve your airline’s customer service with SMS

3. Flight status tracking

Many airlines have started using SMS for two-way communication with passengers for simple requests like flight statuses.

4. Delayed flight management

Travel is stressful without the added pressure of delayed flights. Using SMS to keep passengers informed of delays is one way to help reduce stress and keep them calm throughout the travel experience.

5. Missing luggage updates

Give passengers the option to opt-in to receive SMSes about the whereabouts of their lost luggage. For example, SMSes can be sent when the luggage is located, and then again when a drop-off time and location have been confirmed.

FlySafair is one of South Africa’s most trusted airlines with a reputation for keeping their flights on time and their customers in the loop. Yup, you guessed it, they use SMS! Take a read on how they are using SMS to manage and engage their customers through their travels.

SMS is by far the easiest, most cost-effective and reliable way to keep customers informed. If you’re ready to get started with SMS, sign up today!