Reverse Billing | What is it and how does it work?

Who should use Reverse Billing?

  1. Short-term Insurers. By law, short-term insurers in South Africa are required to cover the costs of any replies opting out of direct marketing messages. Read more here.
  2. Anyone looking to provide free replies to their SMS campaigns. Whether you’re sending a survey, requesting feedback or simply asking your customers some questions - reverse billing is a great option for you!

Before activating reverse billing on your account, we recommend that you create a separate BulkSMS account to send your marketing SMS messages. That way, you will cover all costs related to any opt-out replies you get in response to promotional SMS messages.

And as with any marketing messages, please remember to provide clear opt-out instructions in all of your communications. Find out more about SMS Best Practice and Regulations here.

How to turn on Reverse Billing:

Send an email to us on and we’ll turn it on for you.