How to Send Bulk SMS Messages from the Internet

Unlike most SMS messaging solutions available, using the internet to send bulk SMS messages means that you can access your account and send SMS messages from anywhere in the world using an internet enabled device. The BulkSMS Web to SMS solution does just that.

Once you have opened a BulkSMS Web to SMS account, it enables you to access your online account from any internet connected Web browser. This user-friendly software also allows you create and manage your online distribution groups from within your account.

Some Other Features of the BulkSMS Web to SMS Platform Include:

  • Send SMS messages from your email client
  • Forward your SMS responses to an email address or URL of your choice
  • Schedule your SMS messaging
  • View and download SMS messages and delivery reports

Bulk SMS messages can also be sent using a range of solutions including software programmes, mobile applications and SMS API integration. These SMS messaging solutions then interface with an SMS gateway (hyperlink to SMS gateway article still to be uploaded) to ensure that the SMS messages get delivered to the intended mobile devices around the world.

Register for a BulkSMS Web to SMS account at no cost and start managing your SMS messaging communication from any internet enabled device.

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