Around the 5th of May 2016, AVG (the anti-virus product) released an update which now causes our Windows Desktop Messenger product to close unexpectedly.

AVG have been notified of this issue and we assume that they will release an update as soon as possible.

If you use AVG and have been affected by this recent update, then please implement one of the temporary work arounds below, or contact us at and one of our support team will get back to you to assist.

Detailed Instructions to run BulkSMS Desktop Messenger for Windows in compatibility mode:

  1. Right click the BulkSMS Messenger shortcut on your Desktop
  2. From the menu, select Properties. This will open the properties dialog.
  3. Select the Compatibility tab
  4. Click on the Run this program in compatibility mode for: check box
  5. Select Windows XP SP3 from the drop down list
  6. Click OK


Detailed instructions to create an AVG exception rule (from

  1. Open your AVG program.
  2. From the Options menu select Advanced settings.
  3. In the left pane select Exceptions.
  4. In the right pane click Add exception.
  5. In the drop-down menu please select the exception type.
  6. Browse to the file, folder that you want to exclude or type URL
  7. Click OK to save details of the exception.
  8. Click OK again to save the settings.