Greenpop is a social business that believes green and sustainable living can be fun, popular and accessible for all. They believe in inspiring a greener, more conscious, inclusive movement and do this through tree planting projects, green events, education, social media and volunteerism.

With over 400 beneficiaries, 100 VIP’s and loads of volunteers in Cape Town and Zambia, it is essential to keep communication flowing in order to enhance the process of the treevolution. provides a platform by which Greenpop can communicate directly and efficiently with the beneficiaries of previous tree-planting excursions as well as volunteers and in doing so facilitating a long term relationship that would not be possible otherwise.

A challenge that Greenpop faces is being able to communicate reminders and workshop invitations with people that live in rural areas that lack internet access. Greenpop has found that the majority of people do own cellphones which provides a platform through which SMS’s can communicate with members, teachers, activists and volunteers and to keep them alerted to the work on the ground. Thanks to the service provided by BulkSMS, Greenpop has had great success in rallying local support to their projects in Zambia and they are relying on BulkSMS to keep their beneficiaries inspired, interested and engaged with their work.

“We communicate plant care reminders, workshop invitations, and Green Tips to all our SMS groups, and send regular SMSes to all our teachers and ground staff who have Greenpop Trees to keep them motivated, inspired and learning” says Matthew Koehorst Head of the Planting and Sustainability Department.

“We find that SMS is the most far spread, accessible and recognised form of communication in the communities we work. Often times, in Zambia as well as poverty stricken parts of the Cape Flats, access to the internet is a severe communication constraint, yet SMS is a reliable, locally relevant, tried and tested way of making contact with people.” says Matthew.

BulkSMS has partnered with Greenpop for over two years and is proud to be a sponsor of such a pioneering and educational initiative. Dr. Piet Streicher, Managing Director of, states that “The work that Greenpop does in creating awareness for a greener future is an initiative that we value and will gladly continue to support.”