Faced with the increased adoption of smartphones and instant messaging, SMS has been under major scrutiny from customers suggesting that IP-based messaging applications have killed the need for SMS messaging. While customer arguments suggest that SMS is an outdated form of personal communication, business infrastructures are proving that SMS is thriving as a trusted form of communication. Here is why businesses have confidence in SMS messaging:

  • SMS is a reliable communication channel using cellular networks for message delivery.
  • SMS offers concise messaging with customers and colleagues and is more likely to be read than an email.
  • SMS is more cost effective than a phone call and keeps a written record of business communications.
  • The use of a bulk SMS service ensures that communication costs are better managed and removes the need for staff to claim reimbursements for using their own mobile phone for sending business related communications.
  • Recipients of SMS messages see these as important business communications.

The use of a responsive bulk SMS messaging platform, such as the BulkSMS Desktop Messenger, ensures communication within a business setting can be easily sent, received, stored and tracked, thus improving business efficiencies.