We’re a member of MEF, and here’s why

Since 2017, BulkSMS.com has been a proud member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), an industry body that focuses on creating a robust ecosystem for mobile messaging services while promoting ethical practices.

The MEF’s Trust in Enterprise Messaging Programme, which was developed around the same time we joined the organisation, aims to analyse industry trends and develop strategies for enhancing the mobile messaging landscape. As an active participant in this programme, we have been at the forefront of discussions on industry best practices, technology advancements, and regulatory changes that impact mobile messaging services. Through our collaboration with the working group, we stay ahead of the curve and are well-equipped to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

One of the key aspects that distinguishes us as an ethical and responsible player in the messaging industry is our adherence to MEF’s Business SMS Code of Conduct. This code sets out guidelines for members to follow, and it is all based on goodwill. By being a signatory to the MEF Business SMS Code of Conduct, we commit to upholding ethical principles and best practices in the industry; our TEM badge displayed on our website is proof of our commitment. This dedication to maintaining the highest standards has earned us the trust of our customers, who can be confident that their messaging service provider is committed to acting responsibly and transparently.

Trust, a cornerstone of the Trust in Enterprise Programme, encompasses a range of strategies aimed at strengthening messaging channels with regulatory adherence and exceptional practices. The bedrock of data protection and security, coupled with strict compliance to SMS regulations and industry benchmarks, establishes mobile messaging as a dependable channel for communication. Additionally, our membership with MEF provides us with privileged access to invaluable insights.

Mobile messaging regulations and best practices, data protection, consent management, and identity management are critical aspects for any mobile messaging provider that holds and processes customer or contact data. We understand the importance of safeguarding our clients’ data, including that data sent via mobile communications to their message recipients. We are continuously improving our SMS fraud prevention and data protection measures, by aligning our security controls with industry standards through our engagement with the MEF. This ongoing commitment to ensuring trust in the mobile messaging channel reassures our customers that their messages are delivered with the utmost care and confidentiality.

By participating in the Future of Messaging Programme, alongside other MEF initiatives, and adhering to the MEF Business SMS Code of Conduct, we showcase our commitment to industry best practices and the continuous improvement of our mobile messaging service. Our collaboration with MEF ensures that we are ready to deliver innovative, reliable and secure solutions to our customers.