Singapore: SingTel SMSs to have alphanumeric and short code Sender IDs replaced with numeric Sender IDs

With effect from 1 December 2013, the sender ID of all SMS messages with alphanumeric originators (unique Sender IDs) and shortcodes sent to SingTel will be replaced with a long number to avoid communications from being blocked by the network. This will only affect clients who use an alphanumeric Sender ID when sending to Singapore. This means that recipients will receive your SMS messages from a long number and not your unique Sender ID.

This policy of blocking all alphanumeric originators and shortcodes is being brought in by SingTel to support the new rules being introduced by the Singapore Government on Personal Data and a new 'Do Not Call Registry' in order to control unsolicited SMS communications (more information below).

Singapore: New rules on Personal Data and the 'Do Not Call Registry'

New rules for sending Marketing Messages to Singapore numbers takes effect on 2 January 2014. These new rules are being introduced by the Singapore Government. Companies may not send marketing messages to any Singapore number which is registered with the new National Do Not Call (“DNC”) Registry, unless the recipient has given clear and unambiguous consent, evidenced in written or other accessible form to the sending of the SMS message.

Before an organisation starts to send any marketing message to a Singapore telephone number, it should check that:

  • The number it is sending to is not registered with the DNC Registry; and,
  • The messages it is sending contain clear and accurate information identifying the organisation, as well as its contact details.

The Personal Data Protection Commission has recently published guidelines to facilitate implementation of the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”). For further information on PDPA consult the FAQs for organisations here. For more information on the DNC Registry see here.

Please note that these regulations do NOT apply to non-marketing SMS messages.

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