Registration of Sender IDs and Message Templates

BulkSMS has direct connections to India available for non-marketing messaging. These connections are also not allowed to carry adult content. The SMS messages sent via direct connections are delivered faster and with a higher reliability than non-direct connections to India.

In order to make use of these direct connections, message templates along with the Sender ID have to be registered with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

If you would like to make use of the direct connections, please send your messages templates along with your desired six character Sender ID to

An example request:
Sender ID: PizzaP Template:
Your Pizza Place takeaway order no: xxxxxx will be
available in yyyyy minutes. The cost is zzzzzzzz.
Please collect at 5 Main Street, Bigtown.

It will take approximately 3 working days to register your template. Once we have confirmation of registration with the TRAI, your BulkSMS account will be enabled to use the direct connections to India.

There is no extra cost for delivery to India via direct connections, and there is currently no cost to register templates or Sender IDs.

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