BulkSMS offers organisations wishing to support communities or causes the ability to send and receive SMS text messages at a reduced rate*. BulkSMS part sponsors the SMS messages. This solution is ideal for:

  • Charities
  • Non-profit organisations (NPOs)
  • Co-operatives
  • Schools
  • Faith-based organisations

To SMS enable your organisation, simply register and send proof of your non profit status (i.e. a letterhead or NGO/NPO certificate) via email to

Credit Block

Price (GBP) incl. VAT

Pence/credit incl. VAT

300 £10.50 3.5p
500 £17.50 3.5p
1000 £35.00 3.5p
3000 £105.00 3.5p
5000 £175.00 3.5p

* Commercial messages are not allowed. Messaging must relate to the activity of the organisation and are audited to ensure compliance. in its sole discretion reserves the right to suspend a Community User for not complying with these requirements and reserves the right to change access and usage requirements.