These files are used for uploading data to the system. Bulk phonebook entries and multiple messages are the most common. Prior to creating the file please verify the acceptable order of the data fields. The incorrect order will produce errors during the upload.

These files can easily be made with most spreadsheet programs.

Place the data in the correct columns starting with Column A, Cell A1. In the example above enter the information as follows:

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Cell Number First Name Surname Other Info

If there is no information for either the First Name or the Surname field - please place a character in these fields - an x is recommended. You can use the same character as only the phone number needs to be unique.

When all the information is on the spreadsheet save the file as a Text Tab delimited file. This is usually done by selecting Save As from the File menu, choose file type of Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) and then click the Save button.

In Excel, the system may show this message: "The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets. To save only the active worksheet, Click OK" CLICK 'OK' to save you active worksheet. When you select Close you may see this message: "Filename is not in Excel format. Do you want to save your changes?" CLICK 'No' as you do not need to save you file again.

If would want to verify that the file is in the correct format this can be done by opening the file in a text editor to check the format.

This is how the phonebook group file should look:
27820000001 Smith John
27820000002 Smith X
27000000003 X X
447700000001 U K
447700000002 X Friend

This is how the Multimessage file for sending unique messages to individuals should look:
27820000001 Please come to my party!
27820000002 I would like to offer you a discount!
27000000003 Using SMS is fun and easy
447700000001 A 25% discount when you show this SMS
447700000002 A 35% discount when you send in this code: 84kd904

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