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Get your messages across with BulkSMS.com. Use any or all of our SMS Messaging Solutions whenever you need to. Using our platform, you can quickly send any short and important SMS messages worldwide, or locally to India. You can easily send transactional messages like one-time passcodes and SMS alerts, or promotional messages from your CRM system or sales desk. Look at our case studies to see how our customers are using our SMS gateway.


There are two delivery routes into India – Transactional and Promotional

The default is for messages to be routed via the Promotional route. Under Indian regulations this means that messages will only be delivered between 9am and 9pm Indian time, and will not be delivered to any customers registered on the official “Do Not Disturb” list which anyone in India can register for. Many people in India have registered themselves on this list, and they will therefore not receive promotional messages.

The Transactional route is available, and has neither the limit on time of day, nor the “Do Not Disturb” check for delivery. However, this route can only be used for traffic which is genuinely transactional – ie. it is traffic which the user is expecting and initiated as something they are doing or have signed up to – sending PIN codes, confirmation messages, etc. would fall into this category. Marketing material and unsolicited messages would not. This route can only be used upon pre-registration of a message template. Click here for further information on transactional SMS messaging to India and to pre-register your SMS message template.

Supported Networks in India

ADIL - Haryana
ADIL - Rajasthan
Aircel - Tamil Nadu
Barakhamba - AP
Barakhamba - Chennai
Barakhamba - Karnataka
Bharti - AP (Airtel)
Bharti - Karnataka
Bharti - Punjab
Bharti Cellular - Delhi
Bharti Cellular - Gujarat
Bharti Cellular - Haryana
Bharti Cellular - Kerala
Bharti Cellular - Maharashtra
Bharti Cellular - MP
Bharti Cellular - Mumbai
Bharti Cellular - Tamil Nadu
Bharti Cellular - UP(W)
Bharti Mobinet - Chennai
Bharti Mobitel - Kolkata
Bharti Telenet - HP
Birla - AT&T Commns - Delhi
Birla - AT&T Commns - Gujarat
Birla - AT&T Commns - Maharashtra
BPL Mobile (Loop)
BPL Mobile - Maharashtra
BPL Mobile - Tamil Nadu
BPL Mobile Commns - Mumbai
BSNL - Assam
BSNL - Bihar
BSNL - Chennai
BSNL - Gujarat
BSNL - Haryana
BSNL - Karnataka
BSNL - Kerala
BSNL - Kolkata
BSNL - Maharashtra
BSNL - Orissa
BSNL - Punjab
BSNL - Rajasthan
BSNL - Tamil Nadu
BTA Cellcom - MP
C-DOT - Delhi
C-DOT - Kolkata
Escorts Telecom - HP
Escorts Telecom - Punjab
Escorts Telecom - Rajasthan
Escorts Telecom - UP(E)
Escotel Mobile - Haryana
Escotel Mobile - Kerala
Escotel Mobile - UP(W)
Fascel - Gujarat
Hexacom - NE
Hexacom - Rajasthan
Hutchinson East (Usha Martin-Kolkata)
Hutchison Essar (Sterling-Delhi)
Hutchison Max Telecom - Mumbai
IDEA Cellular
IDEA Cellular - Maharashtra
Koshika - Bihar
Koshika - Orissa
Koshika - UP(E)
Koshika - UP(W)
MTNL - Delhi
MTNL - Mumbai
Reliance Internet Serv - Kolkata
Reliance Telecom
Reliance Telecom - Bihar
Reliance Telecom - HP
Reliance Telecom - MP
Reliance Telecom - NE
Reliance Telecom - Orissa
Reliance Telecom - Punjab
Reliance Telecom - WB
RPG Cellular - Chennai
Spice Commns - Karnataka
Spice Commns - Punjab
Tata Docomo

BulkSMS.com Messaging Products

SMS Gateway API

The EAPI allows your organization to SMS enable your own applications. The EAPI can be used for tasks from automatic notification to message delivery status.

SMS from the Web

Your BulkSMS Web to SMS account enables you to log in from any internet enabled computer and communicate instantly via bulk SMS text messaging.

Desktop Text Messenger

The BulkSMS Text Messenger makes two-way SMSing to a group or individuals even easier. This feature rich software is quick to install and easy to use.

iPhone / iPad SMS

This BulkSMS App enables you to send SMS text messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.