BulkSMS now offers Mobi-grams

The Mobi-gram messaging feature, available on the BulkSMS Text Messenger, gives you the ability to create and attach a "flyer" to your SMS messages.

This can be used to extend your message, or to get your brand into the hands of your customers. Mobi-gram messaging offers the opportunity to include imagery and further details of your event, product, brand, or campaign. All the SMS recipient needs to do is click on the trackable link and open the Mobi-gram message that you created.
Download the BulkSMS Text Messenger here

*BulkSMS account required to send Mobi-gram Messages.

Rich Media Messaging

Why should you send a Mobi-gram message?

  • Mobi-gram messages have the simplicity and effectiveness of SMS, with the added creativity and visual impact of an email, mobisite or printed flyer.
  • It is easy to compose rich media content using the Mobi-gram editor enabling you to create dynamic mobile marketing campaigns, event invitations, surveys, invoices or statements.
  • You can set up a new campaign within minutes.
  • You can edit existing templates or create your own rich media content by adding images or text.
  • Create an enhanced customer experience and engagement by sending relevant content to customers with real-time results.
  • The built in analytics provide a summary of each campaign, including who has opened the embedded link and overall campaign response rates.
  • Your Mobi-gram link will be active for up to 15 days from date of sending.
  • It costs the same to send a Mobi-gram message as it does to send a plain text SMS.