Texting till the cows come home

One of the biggest problems faced by cattle farmers across the world, is keeping an eye on their cows at all times. Knowing when the cows are on heat, when they are ill or when they’re on the move is a tricky task... Read more.

SMS Simplifies Remote Care and Helps Advance Telemedicine

Like many other industries, digital transformation has found its way into Health Care and is changing the way that healthcare providers care for and communicate with patients. Read more.

SMS and Zapier Transform Communication Strategies & Boost Attendance

What started out as a simple test to see how well SMS would work, has become an integral part of Image Cartel’s communication strategy. So much so that it is even being explored in the course material as the most effective marketing solution for the Nail and Lash industry. Read more.

SMS & E-Commerce - Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Online shopping is easier today than it's ever been. From clothing and groceries to gadgets and gizmos, there’s not much that you can’t buy from the comfort of your own home. For e-commerce companies, taking the order is often the easy part. The real challenge lies in the physical delivery of the product to the customer - otherwise known as “the last mile”. Read more.

SMS, the Fleet Management Solution

Managing a fleet of heavy-duty machinery is time-consuming and costly. Especially when there are over 750 machines, engines and operating systems working in different locations throughout the day. Nicholas Auto Enterprises (NAE) provides a solution to this problem. Read more.

Medical Tourism in Slovakia Brings SMS Onboard

Anyone in the medical industry knows that missed appointments and keeping in touch with patients can be both time-consuming and costly. Which is why DC Medical, a medical tourism company in Slovakia, started sending automated SMS reminders and notifications to their patients, solving this problem once and for all. Read more.

SMS, Drive, Park, Fly

Let’s be honest, travelling can be stressful. From making sure you remember your travel essentials and triple checking your itinerary, to finding a parking spot at the airport - the whole process can take its toll. Which is exactly why Launceston Drive Park Fly have made it their mission to provide airport parking with a difference. Read more.

Gadget Repairs Made Easy With SMS

My Gadget Repairs (MGR) has integrated SMS into their bespoke cloud-based management system to help their customers streamline their communications with suppliers, staff and clients. Read more.

SMS Takes to the Seas

This Scandanvian based kayaking club uses our SMS API to automatically notify their members of group excusions planned via their website. Read more.

An SMS a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This South American based software development company uses our SMS API to manage patients and practitioners in the Healthcare Sector. Read more.

SMS API Streamlines Property Management

This property management company based in the UK has SMS enabled their cloud-based software to save clients valuable time and free up resources. Read more.

SMS Fuels Excellent Customer Service

Q8mazout is a European based company that supplies heating oil to private customers. They use our Email to SMS solution to streamline their communication with clients and ultimately improve their customer service. Read more.

SMS Shortcodes – The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

Textmedia uses Shortcodes and SMS Marketing as an effective lead generation tool. They help South African businesses to connect with potential customers in a cost-effective way. Read more.

Riders Take SMS for a Spin

HD Chauffeur Rides uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to co-ordinate chauffeurs and plan tours for tourists and locals in Cape Town, South Africa. SMS allows them to communicate with 80 registered Harley Davidson riders in one simple step. Read more.

SMS Saves This Travel Company 40hrs a Week!

This Spanish travel company has integrated the BulkSMS API into their online reservation platform streamline the booking process. The use of SMS has saved the company up to 40 working hours a week. Read more.

A Truly Beespoke Use of SMS

E-bee is an innovative beekeeping software developed in Slovenia that uses the SMS API to help monitor beehives. SMSes are automatically sent from the E-bee server to the beekeepers mobile phone whenever there is a change in activity in the hive. Read more.

Golfers Have Got the Mobi-gram Down to a Tee

Based in South Africa, The Chinese Golf Association uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to notify members of upcoming tournaments. Mobi-grams are also used to send tee off times and tournament results. Read more.

SMS Sends Seagulls Swimming Club Soaring

This New Zealand based swimming club uses the BulkSMS API to send automated SMSes to their club members, prompting them to register for their relevant swimming meets via the Seagulls Swimming Club website. Read more.

SMS Goes With the Flow

Digimat is a Swiss company that specialises in digital solutions that control HVAC servers. They use the BulkSMS API to help monitor the HVAC servers and inform technicians whenever there is a problem. Read more.

SMS Keeps You Connected

Juan Bredenkamp, a local South African, has integrated the BulkSMS API into his home alarm system. Now, whenever his alarm goes off, he receives an SMS alerting him of the alarm. Read more.

Dentists are Using SMS to Bridge the Gap

Kindandental is a dental studio based in London who uses our SMS API solution to ensure successful communication between healthcare providers and patients. Read more.

SMS Keeps the Church Community Connected

Based in the Philippines, MPIM is a religious organisation that uses the BulkSMS Web to SMS platform to keep the community connected and informed. Read more.

SMS Helps Sello's Students Stay Tech-Savvy

Sello's Computer Institute is based in South Africa and uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to keep students up-to-date on registrations, assessment results, and payment reminders. Read more.

SMS Helps Transform School Gardening Across South Africa

Food & Trees For Africa uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to communicate with schools across South Africa. Their use of SMS helps educate local community members about permaculture in South Africa. Read more.

SMS Proves it Was Born to be Fabulous!

Born Fabulous is a South African company that uses the Web to SMS platform to communicate with their customers about orders and delivery notifications. Their use of SMS has helped free up valuable time and resources. Read more.

SMS Helps Keep Firewalls Firing

Situated in North Wales, The Computer Guy is information and communication technology company that uses the BulkSMS API to monitor their bespoke firewall solutions. Read more.

SMS Takes to the Waves

Signature Surf + Skate uses SMS to communicate time-sensitive information with SUP race participants. Read more.

SMS Drives Success

Based in Wilmington, this advertising company pays everyday drivers to place removable advertisements on to their vehicles. They use the BulkSMS Web to SMS platform to keep in touch with the drivers on a daily basis. Read more.

SMS is one of the Kool Kids

This leading casting agency based in South Africa uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to allow for two-way communication between the staff and the acting talent. Read more.

SMS Takes to the Skies

This South African airline have integrated the BulkSMS API into their online booking system to enable time-critical communication with their passengers. Read more.

SMS Enhances the Competitor Experience at the Castle Triathlon Series

This leading triathlon series based in the UK uses the BulkSMS Text Messenger to communicate important information with athletes keeping them up to date. Read more.

SMS API Ensures College Students Remain on Top Form

Based in England, Greenhead College has integrated the BulkSMS API into their learning management system. Their use of SMS means that the students are informed of important deadlines at all times. Read more.

SMS Stays in Tune With the UK Entertainment Scene

This UK based live entertainment booking portal is using the BulkSMS API to speed up communications between the clients and musicians. Read more.

SMS Keeps South African IT Specialists Ahead of the Game

MCE South Africa is an IT and telecommunications that is using the BulkSMS API to enable two-way communication between the technicians and their customers. Read more.

The Muizenberg House Saving Scheme

The Muizenberg House Saving Scheme (MHSS) needed to be able to communicate with locals about progress on their housing development requests. They turned to SMS to meet these needs and have been using it to facilitate effective two-way communication. Read more.

Torrington Cavaliers

Torrington Cavaliers use SMS to facilitate clear and immediate two-way communication between the volunteer association and its members. Read more.

NumberWorks 'n Words

NumberWorks ‘n Words has integrated our SMS API into their CRM platform to enable the sending of automated SMS messages. The use of SMS has decreased the number of no-shows and helps save time and money. Read more.

Roux Air Conditioning

Roux Air Conditioning uses SMS to communicate with their clients. Their use of SMS allows for personalised and trackable communication, features that have proved useful in improving their customer service. Read more.

The Gateway Church

The Gateway Church used a Wordpress plugin to develop their online administration system. This plugin makes use of our SMS API which means that the church can send SMS messages as and when they need to. Read more.

Hull Samaritans

The Hull Samaritans use SMS to communicate with its volunteers via an online volunteer management system. Using our SMS API, the volunteer management system is SMS enabled and allows for instant and reliable communication. Read more.


RockSeries uses SMS to protect their software from piracy. To do this, customers send a registration code to the allocated 5 digit shortcode, a reply message is automatically sent with an activation code, giving the customer access to the software. Read more.

Vibe Vocals

VibeVocals has SMS enabled their online booking system. This integration sends automatic SMS reminders to customers 24 hours before their appointments. Read more.

DentFin | Dental claims solution

DentFin sends SMS messages to notify their clients of balances due on their account. DentFin also sends PDF attachments via SMS using our Mobi-gram feature. Read more.


SpaceweatherText automatically sends SMS messages to their subscribers whenever there is any cosmological activity happening nearby. Read more.

University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy has integrated the BulkSMS API solution into their monitoring system to alert relevant team members in the event of a freezer failure. This has potentially saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read more.

Excel Sales & Letting

Excel Sales and Letting makes uses of SMS to improve their customer service. The team uses SMS for various reasons, including reminding new customers of their appointments. Read more.

Knight Sound and Light

Knight Sound and Light started using SMS to resolve the issues they were having when communicating with their customers. They now use SMS to facilitate effective communication with their clients, thereby improving the overall customer service experience. Read more.

Coggeshall Community Bus

The Coggeshall Community bus service SMS enabled their website using our SMS API, allowing customers to register to receive updates of service delays or timetable amendments. This means that the volunteers at the bus service are able to send SMS messages to the entire contact list as and when there are any schedule changes. Read more.

Unión de Radioaficionados Mexica

URAM integrated the BulkSMS API solution with a Raspberry Pi computer which is connected to various digital mobile radios around Mexico City. The system is ready to send SMS messages when emergencies or natural disasters affect the communication infrastructure in the area. Read more.

CGC JASNA Adrenalin

CGC Jasna Adrenalin makes use of SMS to communicate relevant information to the various participants and stakeholders. This has improved the efficiency of the organisational team in running the event. Read more.

Big Bay Homeowners Association

Big Bay Residential Estate started using SMS to communicate with Big Bay homeowners. Their use of our service consists of sending general updates, proposed construction by neighbours, event reminders and much more. Read more.

Ripley Amateur Swimming Club & Life Savers

Ripley Amateur Swimming Club and Life Savers (RASCALS) started using SMS to ensure that important information is delivered to their members in a timely manner. The Club’s use of SMS includes notifying members about swimming and lifesaving events, outstanding payments, pool closures and general Club information. Read more.

Ontdekkers Park South Blockwatch

Ontdekkers Park South Blockwatch (OPSB) started using the SMS to communicate with the neighbourhood. SMS is being used to disseminate urgent and relevent information quickly to the community that needs it. Read more.

Shark Spotters

Shark Spotters started using SMS to aid them in escalating emergency protocols quickly and efficiently in response to a shark threat or shark attack. SMS ensures the message gets directly to the people who need it, notifying them instantly. Read more.

Fish Hoek Surf and Lifesaving Club

The Fishhoek lifesaving club uses SMS to communicate with club members and lifeguards. SMS has proven to be the only communication channel that provides the club with prompt and responsive communication. Read more.

Stonehurst Mountain Estate

Stonehurst Mountain Estate uses SMS to notify homeowners of any important notifications or events taking place. The Mobi-gram feature is also used to promote upcoming events and ticket sales. Read more.


Greenpop turned to SMS when they realised that email was not an option in areas where internet access was non-existent. They use SMS to communicate with beneficiaries, members, teachers, activists and volunteers. Read more.

British Balloon and Airship Club

The British Balloon Airship Club uses SMS to communicate time-sensitive information to all members who take part in their race events. From event cancellations to communicating with pilots while they are in the air, SMS does it all. Read more.

Naish Downwind Dash

The Primi Naish Downwind Dash Series, currently in its fifth consecutive year, takes advantage of Cape Town’s windy season between October and March every year. The series hosts a weekly stand up paddling (SUP) ocean race of just over 10 kilometres from Milnerton Beach to Big Bay. Read more.


Dash2do.com is a self-service online platform that provides indivuals and businesses with services to create more time and improve efficiency. It bases its competitive advantage on the provision of customer service excellence. Read more.

The Santa Shoebox Project

The Santa Shoebox Project uses SMS to communicate with gift donors. Their use of SMS has reduced the number of no-shows and has improved the communication efforts between the organizers and the donors. Read more.

Hever Castle Triathlon

The Hever Castle Triathlon uses SMS to communicate personalized race specific information with each participant. Their use of SMS has proved vital to the organization of their events. Read more.

Wendy Windblows

Wendy Windblows uses SMS to communicate real-time weather alerts to any hangliders or paragliders that have subscribed to their service. Read more.


Safarinow uses SMS to complement their email booking system. Their use of SMS has allowed for a quicker response time and it is has proven to be the most effective way of reaching people. Read more.

AAA School of Advertising

AAA School of Advertising is a private higher education institution, owned by the advertising industry's professional body, the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA). It is an internationally accredited, multi award winning school with an awesome track record that is specialised for the advertising industry. Read more.

Wavescape (15 Sep 2009)

Wavescape Media is a South African company in operation since 1998. We publish www.wavescape.co.za, provide surf forecasts to the surf industry and the public, and run the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival which screens the world's best surfing films around coastal South Africa. Read more.

Siyakhula Education Foundation

Siyakhula Education Foundation provides Affordable, Accessible, andHigh Quality computer literacy training to individuals from historically disadvantaged communities. The computer school operates as a locally owned social enterprise. Read more.

Imbizo Men's Health Programme

Imbizo Men's Health Programme is an HIV support and educational programme run by male counsellors for men between ages of 16 to 55 years. It provides post-HIV testing counselling and runs educational workshops on condom usage and HIV risk reduction, the benefits of knowing one’s HIV status and good fatherhood. Read more.

Shore Angling of South Africa

We’ve all heard one of those fisherman’s tales: “The fish was this big, really it was.” Well, if the fisherman in question uses the award-winning Shoreangling.co.za fish measurement service, powered by BulkSMS.com, you can be sure he has the accurate weight for his fish. Read more.

The South African National Zakáh Fund

The South African National Zakáh Fund (SANZAF) is a faith-based, socio-welfare and educational organisation that strives to facilitate the empowerment of needy families through the efficient collection and effective distribution of Zakáh and other Sadaqát in a proactive and cost effective way. Read more.

Wavescape (16 July 2009)

Wavescape Media is a South African company in operation since 1998. We publish www.wavescape.co.za, provide surf forecasts to the surf industry and the public, and run the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival which screens the world's best surfing films around coastal South Africa. Our coastal forecasting model Wavescape Ocean Watch (WOW) is the 1st of its kind in SA. Read more.

Cape Sessions

Cape Sessions sells digital images from a website to windsurfers caught in the shutters of Liz Metcalfe’s camera. The secret to her success is coupling photographic talent, a web presence, and an SMS location alert service to drive sales. Read more.


What started off as a one-man initiative quickly grew into one of the country’s largest student volunteer organisations which ran health and welfare projects throughout South Africa. Read more.

Pangea Outsourcing Services

Pangea Outsourcing Services is a Cape Town based company. We have been operating for 10 years, primarily servicing the worlds largest provider of English language training, based in Shanghai, China. Read more.

Continuing Professional Development

It’s nice to think that the professionals we turn to, such as doctors, medical practitioners, lawyers, veterinarians and so on, are on top of their game and up to speed with the latest advances in their fields. Fortunately, thanks to a system called continuing professional development (CPD), you can be sure they are. Read more.


Checkatrade.com, trading under Vetted Limited in the UK, was launched in 1998 and is an online business information service that helps a trade or service provider promote their business and the service they provide. Trades and services are proud to be listed on Checkatrade and show their reputation to all. Read more.

AdInfa (UK 2011)

Ad Infinitum Multi Media (AdInfa) enables data centre owners & operators to save money & reduce CO2 emissions by monitoring, reporting & managing the energy consumption of their systems, applications & equipment. Their software solution, InSite, gathers real-time data and present the information in a powerful, visual & interactive way. Read more.


Maxxor Software Services, an entrepreneurial black-empowered Cape Town based firm, is an example of a technology provider that has risen to the occasion and embedded SMS technology within its software solutions. Read more.

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