SMS Takes to the Seas

Managing a fleet of heavy-duty machinery is time-consuming and costly. Especially when there are over 750 machines, engines and operating systems working in different locations throughout the day. Nicholas Auto Enterprises (NAE) provides a solution to this problem. By SMS enabling their Fleet Management System, they have automated their maintenance alerts which ensures that each machine is functioning at optimal capacity. Through early detection, NAE prevent potential engine failure, limit operational downtime and maintenance costs, and boost operator productivity.

What do they do and how does SMS help?

NAE provides fleet management and engine monitoring and protection to various mines around South Africa. Their job is to monitor the on-site machinery, collect data and send live updates and notifications to the relevant teams whenever there is a system trigger. This is where SMS comes in.

Through the SMS integration with the Fleet Management System, whenever there is a system trigger like a vehicle speeding, excessive idling or harsh braking, an SMS alert is automatically sent to the relevant team members on site. These live updates are essential in ensuring the safety of the workers on-site as well as the longevity of the machinery.

“We monitor about 750 machines, and every time one of the machines triggers our system, an automated SMS is sent to the relevant team member. Our alerts ensure that the system triggers can be seen to before there is any real damage done,” says Rendani Madima, data administrator for NAE.

Why SMS?

Using the BulkSMS API, the team at NAE was able to create a simple integration that allows for time-sensitive and automated notifications. “We needed a solution that could provide real-time notifications. Unlike emails that need a data connection to work, SMS works regardless of access to data or Wifi. SMS was the obvious choice, we use it 24/7 and BulkSMS is such an awesome tool to use,” says Madima.

Find out more about our SMS API here or drop us an email and we’ll help find the solution that works for you.