Texting through tech woes

mobiFix is a cutting-edge South African mobile device repair service dedicated to restoring tech to its prime. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, mobiFix specialises in fixing smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets swiftly and skillfully. Their experienced team uses a range of technology, including SMS, to ensure a seamless repair experience.

Here’s how SMS fits into the mix:

mobiFix has been using BulkSMS for over 10 years to keep their customers in the loop at various stages of the repair process. To do this, they use a bespoke cloud-based management system called My Gadget Repairs which has the BulkSMS API integrated into the software.

Using the MGR platform, they can keep their customers in-the-know from the moment they book a job, to the moment the job is completed and ready for collection.

Mobifix Examples

Customers can also reply to the SMSes with any questions or concerns they have!

“It works perfectly” - says Glen Joffe (Director at mobiFix)

To find out more about My Gadget Repairs has integrated our API into their bespoke software, click here. Or to read more about our SMS API, click here.