SMS takes to the (electromagnetic) waves

East Coast Radiology, a well-established diagnostic radiology practice based in South Africa, believes that health care is more than just treating patients, it’s about treating people while also trying to run a business. People have busy lives, but appointments need to be filled to keep the practice running, which is why effective and reliable communication between clients and health care providers is essential.

By using the BulkSMS Text Messenger, Teresa Vice, the MRI & CT Authorisations and Bookings administrator, communicates with her patients straight from her laptop. “I work in a very busy MRI department with the phone ringing continuously for appointments or for help, having access to SMS on my computer is a definite time-saver and stress reliever,” says Teresa.

East Coast Radiology Example

Her patients reply to her texts with any questions they have or when they need to reschedule their appointment. “My patients know that even if they can’t reach me by phone, I am just an SMS away”, says Teresa.

Why SMS?

When asked why SMS is being used as opposed to email or phone call, Teresa said that many of her patients don’t answer the phone. “Some of my patients are deaf, some just don’t like to answer their phone, and some don’t have email, so SMS is the perfect solution,” says Teresa.

She goes on to say that, “the Desktop Application is quick and easy to use, and my patients appreciate the option to reply to my SMSes when they need to.”

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