Sello Example

SMS helps Sello’s students stay tech savvy

Sello’s Computer Institute is an accredited training facility located in Wolmaransstad, South Africa. It was established in 2009 as a computer literacy school and now offers full time and part-time courses, as well as distance learning to youths around South Africa.

Part of the Institute’s mandate is to ensure that each student is equipped with the knowledge, experience and skill needed to succeed in careers specialising in technology and computer science. One basic requirement, identified by Sello Mogapi, Manager of the Institute, was that the staff needed to be able to communicate important information to the students in a manner that was familiar and accessible to them. With this in mind, Mogapi turned to SMS.

Sello’s began using the BulkSMS Text Messenger in 2014. They send SMS messages to the students to keep them up-to-date on registrations, assessment results, and payment reminders. The communications through this channel have been very well received by the students.

Sello Example

SMS is also being used to facilitate two-way communication between the students and the staff; ensuring that the staff know who is coming to each of the training workshops and that the students know where to meet and at what time. “We use SMS mostly because it provides a reliable way for students to respond to confirm their attendance. This ensures proper preparation of logistical arrangements,” says Mogapi.

Sello Example

The Institute’s use of SMS plays a major role in the success of their vision to empower their students with knowledge and skills. “SMS is the best, and most reliable, way for us to communicate with the students. It has uplifted the status of our organisation and shows that we do things professionally,” says Mogapi.

“It is encouraging to see SMS being prioritised when it comes to communicating with students. Despite the popularity and wide-spread use of social media platforms, this SMS Story is a great example of how the standard SMS is still the most trusted platform,” says Dr. Pieter Streicher.