The verdict: Attorneys find success with SMS communication

Way back in 2007, Lexpro’s clients needed a reliable way to send out urgent and important information to their debtors - they needed SMS. Lexpro chose us for a few reasons, including our global SMS delivery; our API; the ability to create multiple accounts; and because they could set up and maintain sponsorship agreements between a main account, and the subsequent Lexpro client accounts.

Lexpro has essentially white labelled our functionality and maintains the relationship with their clients. They are responsible for the set-up of each of their client’s SMS accounts and add any SMS charges to their monthly fee.

Hein Low, IT Consultant at Lexpro, told us that, “We’ve made it really easy for our clients to send pre-populated SMS messages which pull information directly from our platform, like payment reminders, birthday messages and even invoices.”

One of the key features that Lexpro’s customers have readily adopted is the ability to send out PDF files via SMS. Hein mentioned that “Sending SMS attachments directly from the software to the end customers has made communication with debtors more efficient and has reduced the number of non payments for many of our clients.”

We love that our customers are taking our functionality and making it their own in this way. Embedding communications into existing software, seamlessly helping our clients to help their clients communicate!

Take a look at our API here.