How does it work?

If you’re using our Web App, all you have to do is click on “Add Attachment” when you’re composing a new SMS message; you can add, for example, a PDF or JPEG to your SMS. This will create a URL that will be added to the end of your SMS message that can be clicked on and viewed as a normal web page.

You can also add an attachment to your SMS using our API.

Why would you send an SMS Attachment?

  • Deliver branded content straight into the hands of your customers at no extra cost.
  • Maintain COVID regulations by sending digital menus, brochures, newsletters, meeting agendas, etc.
  • Make your SMS campaigns stand out by adding creative imagery and content.
  • Include more detail in your SMSes without having to send long messages.
Some content you might want to attach:
SMS Brochure Attachment
SMS Newsletter Attachment
SMS Invoice Attachment
SMS Menu Attachment
You can also build and add your own mobile landing page in just a few minutes using our Web App! No coding needed. Find out more here.

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