Enhancing workplace well-being through innovative communication strategies

Situated in Denmark, Vicarus is a trailblazing provider of health-enhancing services designed to elevate employees’ well-being, boost profits, and heighten job satisfaction. With a specialised focus on services like massage therapy, ergonomics, physiotherapy, and workplace assessments, Vicarus introduces a groundbreaking solution to enhancing the workplace environment for their clients.

Vicarus’ ingenuity doesn’t stop there – they’ve also revolutionised their approach to communication. By harnessing the dynamic capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate and BulkSMS.com, they’ve reimagined their customer interaction.

According to Daniel Kejlberg, Head of IT, the company has seamlessly integrated SMS communication into their existing workflows via the BulkSMS connector within Microsoft Power Automate.

Using Power Automate’s user-friendly interface, Vicarus has created automated workflows that spring to action based on specific triggers. One example is their “Reminder SMS” automation, which operates as a scheduled flow during weekdays. When this flow detects upcoming bookings within the next 25 hours that have not received reminder SMS notifications, the BulkSMS Connector sends a reminder SMS containing comprehensive booking details.

Additionally, Vicarus has implemented a “Re-registration SMS” automation that executes once daily. This particular workflow identifies eligible clients who haven’t yet committed to continuing their services. The automation then proactively sends an SMS encouraging them to use their services, along with a re-registration link, fostering client engagement and loyalty.

Enhancing workplace well-being through innovative communication strategies

Daniel goes on to say that “By deploying this automation, we’ve taken control of our reminder SMS notifications while significantly reducing costs. The SMS charges associated with the notifications through our existing booking system are nearly three times higher compared to the BulkSMS service.”

Vicarus’ use of Microsoft Power Automate and BulkSMS.com just shows how technology can seamlessly enhance customer communication. By using automated workflows alongside the instantaneous nature of SMS messaging, Vicarus has not only streamlined their operational processes but has also elevated the overall customer experience and significantly reduced communication costs!

Vicarus’ integration of technology platforms has paved the way for efficient workflows, elevated customer interactions, and ultimately, a more empowered workplace environment.