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When Tulsi Singh, owner of Text Media, found out about SMS shortcodes, he knew he had come across a great way to help businesses connect with new customers. Unlike traditional lead generation tools, shortcodes create a platform for prospects to initiate first contact with the business, and not the other way around.

Realising this opportunity, he created two innovative SMS marketing solutions, the Lead Generator and Smart Directory. This is how they work:

The Lead Generator

As the name suggests, this system offers lead generation opportunities. Although this product is adapted to many different types of businesses, it is best explained in the context of the real estate industry.

Each listed property is allocated a unique SMS shortcode. The estate agent includes that shortcode when advertising the property, either through an online property listing, a sales board or newspaper ad.

When a prospective client sends an SMS to that shortcode, they receive an automated reply SMS instantly with a link to a webpage displaying photos of the property and the agent’s contact details.

At the same time the system automatically supplies the agent with the lead’s cell phone number and the details of the property they were interested in. This info is also saved on the back end for future contact and use.

The Smart Directory

Smart Directory is another one of Text Media’s products. It is an area specific business directory which uses a dedicated short-code. This solution allows service providers to subscribe to be listed on Text Media’s Smart Directory. Customers can request the contact details of service providers in their area by sending SMS.

For example, if a customer in Phoenix is looking for a plumber, they simply send an SMS, for example “PHOENIX Plumber” to 33092. The customer immediately receives an automated response SMS listing 3-4 subscribed suppliers in the area including a link to a landing page with detailed profiles of the companies.

Why SMS?

Tulsi decided to use SMS because it of its simplicity and versatility. Together with Text Media’s custom-built back-end system, the SMS shortcodes made it possible for Tulsi to create a way for businesses to quickly and easily generate leads. Both products automatically link businesses with interested leads that are initiating the contact.

“The use of the SMS shortcodes have allowed me to create products that automatically deliver crucial business and marketing information to both prospects and salespeople. And better yet, it’s all managed on autopilot thanks to the integration of BulkSMS API into my system,” says Tulsi.

You can find more information on SMS shortcodes on our websites as well as more case studies on SMS API integrations here.