What are the benefits of SMS?

Initially designed for person-to-person communication, SMS has transformed into a multi-faceted channel for businesses. It can easily be integrated into almost any other application and now facilitates more advanced forms of communication, for example application-to-person communication (like those banking alerts you receive via text), or even application-to-application communication (where one system needs to alert another system that something has changed).

But what is it about SMS that makes it so attractive and hardy? The answer lies in the very nature of a text message.


Unlike messaging apps, SMS doesn’t require downloads or updates. It’s accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

High Readability:

With a 98% read rate, SMS makes sure that your message is seen.


APIs can be used to SMS-enable websites, applications, customer relationship management platforms and so much more.


SMS is dependable for sending important and time-sensitive information.


Since SMS messages are paid for, they tend to contain relevant and valuable content.


It has so many different uses and can be sent in so many ways. Look at how our clients are using it.


Unlike some messaging platforms, SMS respects the recipient’s privacy by not revealing personal details like a profile picture or message read status.

SMS has evolved into a versatile and effective tool for businesses, while still retaining its practicality and relevance. To learn more about how SMS can benefit your business and how to integrate it into your strategy, contact us at sales@bulksms.com.

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