The Benefits of SMS:

  • SMS is reliable: SMS is a dependable platform for sending important information out, it’s the ideal tool for businesses to communicate critical and time sensitive information.

  • SMSes are read: SMS messages are short and sweet and boast a 98% read rate. (insert source here)

  • SMS is ubiquitous: Unlike most other instant messaging apps and social chat platforms, SMS is not an app and does not need to be downloaded or updated

  • SMSes cost money: Because SMS messages are paid for, they tend to provide valuable content with is relevant to the recipient.

  • SMS is versatile: SMS has so many different uses and can be used for a wide range of communication needs.

Benefits of SMS vs Instant Messaging Apps for Business Communications:

  • Privacy: Unlike communicating over IM, SMS doesn’t give the message sender the chance to see your profile picture, where you live or whether or not you’ve read the message.

  • Availability: Most IM apps need to be downloaded or purchased, SMS comes as a standard feature on most mobile phones around the world.

  • Online Access: SMS messages don’t rely on data or an internet connection to be sent or received.

Benefits of SMS vs Email:

  • Spam: Email is free which means that it is more prone to spam. In fact, 49.7% of emails received are spam. Source (Radicati Group)

  • Read rate: The read rate of SMS is 98% against the read rate of 20% for email (source: gartner)

  • Response time: According to (source), it takes a person an average of 90 minutes to reply to an email vs a 90 second response time to SMS messages. (source: ctia)

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