What is the DNC List and how does it work?

We’re serious about spam!

As members of WASPA, we are bound by a code of conduct that has been created to protect South African consumers. This means that we need to protect you, our clients, from sending messages to consumers who don’t want them.

One of the ways we do this, is by making use of the WASPA’s Do Not Contact list. The DNC list is a public interface where consumers can enter their mobile number, which means that they no longer wish to receive any unwanted marketing messages via SMS.

And because we’re here to make things easier for you and your message recipients, we have developed an automated system to manage the look-up of numbers on the WASPA DNC. This process links the WASPA DNC API to our systems and automates the checking, blocking and unblocking of registered and de-registered numbers. Our system applies a “block-by-default” approach, where blocks are implemented if a mobile number on their database is registered to the WASPA DNC List.

So basically, our system makes sure that you can only send marketing messages to customers that want to receive them.

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